Cops Are Handing Out Spyware to Parents—With Zero Oversight


Mere days after a government crackdown on a spyware manufacturer comes the startling revelation that law enforcement agencies have been purchasing commercial spyware themselves and handing it out to the public for free. Police departments around the country have been distributing thousands of free copies of spyware to parents to monitor their children’s activity, a […]

Tea Party Support Holds at 24%

One in four Americans now support the Tea Party, a proportion that is down from the last midterm elections, in 2010. Most Tea Party supporters are Republicans, and within the GOP, supporters are largely ideologically conservative. More >

U.S. Ebola Patient Had Layover in Dulles, CDC Didn't Inform Other Passengers


Local news station WJLA reports that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notified United, the airline which transported Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan from Dulles International Airport to Dallas, Texas. However, the federal health agency abandoned its normal policy of informing fellow passengers of which flights Duncan took from Liberia to the U.S. […]

WH huddles as ISIS advances toward Turkey

President Obama met Tuesday evening with his national security team amid reports that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was advancing toward toward the predominantly Kurdish town of Kobani on the border between Turkey and Syria.The… More >

Hong Kong protesters targeted with iOS, Droid spyware

China suspected of crafting spyware RAT tailored to Occupy Central Hong Kong activists rallying for electoral freedom are being targeted by an Android and iOS remote access trojan.… More >

How RAM Scrapers Work: The Sneaky Tools Behind the Latest Credit Card Hacks


In the world of hacking, every malicious tool has its heyday—that period when it rules the underground forums and media headlines and is the challenger keeping computer security pros on their toes. Viruses and worms have each had their day in the spotlight. Remote-access Trojans, which allow a hacker to open and maintain a secret […]

Illinois Governor: Quinn (D) 44%, Rauner (R) 42%

Incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn has edged ahead for the first time this year in Illinois’ gubernatorial race. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Illinois Voters finds Quinn with 44% support to Republican challenger Bruce Rauner’s 42%. Six percent (6%) like some other candidate, and eight percent (8%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click […]

Small-Business Owners Satisfied, but Fewer Feel Successful

While U.S. small-business owners are more likely to say they are satisfied with being a small-business owner than they were in the years following the recession, they are less likely to say they feel successful. More >

NRSC Slams Hagan for Changing Position on Bill Clinton with the Political Winds


The National Republican Senatorial Committee is calling Sen. Kay Hagan (R-NC) out for using former President Bill Clinton to fundraise after taking great strides to distance herself from the then-President in 1998. “Kay Hagan’s flip-flop on Bill Clinton’s treatment of women is part of a disturbing pattern of changing positions on important issues like balancing the […]

Air Force general: ISIS adjusting to strikes

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria militants are adjusting to U.S. airstrikes, making it more difficult to target them, an Air Force general said Monday. ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria had previously traveled in columns of vehicles with flags,… More >