Overnight Open Thread: American Spectator Heckling Team EU Over Failure To Sink Putt At Ryder Cup Is Invited To Try It Himself…

Via WaPo: America found a new hero on Thursday in Ryder Cup spectator David Johnson. The North Dakota man successfully called the bluffs of Henrik Stenson and Justin Rose, who during a practice session invited the heckling Johnson to make a difficult putt that their Team Europe teammate Rory McIlroy had just missed minutes before. […]

Petraeus: 'It's not too late' for a no-fly zone in Syria

Former CIA Director David Petraeus on Wednesday said “it’s not too late” for a safe zone or no-fly zone to stop Russian and regime bombing in Syria. “People keep asking, ‘Is it too late?’ And the answer is no, it’s not too late,” he told PBS… More >

Would You Boycott Trump Products?

A sizable number of Americans say they have boycotted businesses on political grounds, but how many would boycott those connected to billionaire Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump? Thirty-four percent (34%) of Likely U.S. Voters say they have participated in a boycott of a product or place for political reasons, according to a new Rasmussen Reports […]

Clinton's Victory on the Larger Side for Modern Debates

By 61% to 27%, Americans who tuned in to Monday night’s presidential debate believe Hillary Clinton, rather than Donald Trump, did the better job. This victory is among the larger leads in Gallup polls since 1960. More >

Overnight Open Thread: Woman Saved From Brink Of Death By Deputies And Flight Attendant

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Overnight Defense: Congress overrides Obama 9/11 veto | Pentagon breathes easy after funding deal | More troops heading to Iraq

THE TOPLINE: The Pentagon and other federal agencies can breathe a sigh of relief – a government shutdown appears to have been averted.The Senate passed a stopgap spending measure Wednesday afternoon, and the House is expected to follow suit… More >

Americans Remember Arnold Palmer Fondly

Americans have a warm spot in their hearts for Arnold Palmer, “the King of Golf,” who passed away this past weekend at age 87. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 70% of American Adults share a favorable view of the golfing legend, including 44% who view him Very Favorably. Just […]

In U.S., Preference for Divided Government Lowest in 15 Years

Americans’ preference for divided government is at its lowest level since 2002. Compared with 2012, fewer Republicans want divided government and fewer Democrats want the same party to control government. More >

Overnight Defense: Clock ticks down in funding fight | Pentagon chief calls 9/11 bill 'devastating' to troops | Taliban leaders watched debate

THE TOPLINE: The government is just three days away from a shutdown, after Democratic senators on Tuesday rejected a short-term funding bill over its lack of funding for the water crisis in Flint, Mich. In the case of a shutdown, pay… More >

Yahoo<i>!</i> Mail<i>!</i> down?<i>!</i> Great<i>!</i> timing<i>!</i> as<i>!</i> more<i>!</i> US<i>!</i> senators<i>!</i> dogpile<i>!</i> hacked<i>!</i> web<i>!</i> giant<i>!</i>

Enjoy the sounds of a thousand heads at Verizon slamming into a thousand desks Yahoo!‘s embattled mail service was dealt another blow Tuesday when an outage hit users worldwide.… More >