France: Muslim Protesters Storm Field During Game With Israeli Soccer Team, Attack Players…

There’s a reason Jews are fleeing France for Israel. Via Daily Mail: Maccabi Haifa’s pre-season game against Lille in Austria was stopped when pro-Palestinian protesters stormed the pitch. With Lille winning 2-0, supporters of reportedly Turkish origin entered the pitch and headed for the Maccabi players. One of the players is seen to trip a […]

ISIS now ‘full-blown army,’ officials warn

 Top U.S. officials warned Wednesday that a Sunni extremist group controlling parts of Syria and Iraq had grown into a threat that is “worse than al Qaeda.”“It is al Qaeda in its doctrine, ambition and, increasingly, in its threat to U.S…. More >

How Thieves Can Hack and Disable Your Home Alarm System


When it comes to the security of the Internet of Things, a lot of the attention has focused on the dangers of the connected toaster, fridge and thermostat. But a more insidious security threat lies with devices that aren’t even on the internet: wireless home alarms. Two researchers say that top-selling home alarm setups can […]

Beer Is Americans' Adult Beverage of Choice This Year

Beer leads wine as the drink of choice among Americans who consume alcohol, by as big a margin as Gallup has seen in six years. The percentage of Americans who report consuming any alcohol is now 64%, similar to recent levels. More >

$840 Million of Border Crisis 'Emergency' Spending Bill Goes to Other Issues


Nearly a third of Senate Democrats’ version of President Barack Obama’s $3.7 billion emergency supplemental appropriations spending bill for the border crisis will be spent on other issues than the border crisis if it were to pass, the Democratic chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee announced on Wednesday. An analysis of the spending in the […]

OVERNIGHT DEFENSE: Nominee vows to ‘transform’ VA

THE TOPLINE: President Obama’s nominee to lead the Veterans Affairs Department sailed through his confirmation hearing on Tuesday and vowed to “transform” the agency.“There is a lot of work to do to transform the department. It won’t… More >

Attackers raid SWISS BANKS with DNS and malware bombs

‘Retefe’ trojan uses clever spin on old attacks to grant total control of bank accounts Attackers suspected of residing in Russia are raiding Swiss bank accounts with a multi-faceted attack that intercepts SMS tokens and changes domain name system settings, researchers have warned.… More >

Hackers Could Take Control of Your Car. This Device Can Stop Them


David Schwen | Wheel: Getty Hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have proven more clearly than anyone in the world how vulnerable cars are to digital attack. Now they’re proposing the first step towards a solution. Last year the two Darpa-funded security researchers spent months cracking into a Ford Escape and a Toyota Prius, terrifying […]

Turns Out It’s Pretty Easy to Shoot Down a Passenger Jet


Whoever fired a missile at Malaysia Flight 17 could have learned to do so in less than a week. More >

Americans Don’t Want Feds in Their Shopping Carts

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is proposing major changes in grocery stores to encourage Americans to alter their eating habits, including talking shopping carts and giveaway prizes for those who buy healthier items.  But most Americans feel it is not the federal government’s role to try to change what they eat. Only 21% of Americans […]