McConnell sets up vote to begin debate on defense policy bill

The Senate is set to vote Wednesday on proceeding to a defense policy bill.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) set up the vote on Monday, moving to end debate on whether or not to take up the bill. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) had… More >

Look who has blocked me on Twitter

Rogues gallery. More >

Sanders' Backers Most Likely to Say Election Process Faulty

Americans from both major parties are unhappy with how the election process is working. But Democrats who support Bernie Sanders are more critical than Democrats backing Hillary Clinton or Republicans who oppose Donald Trump. More >

Overnight Open Thread/Sunday Smile The Chewbacca Lady Gets A Fun Surprise…

Candace didn’t want to share her Chewbacca mask. So we showed up to make sure she didn’t have to! #AllTheGoodStuff — Kohl’s (@Kohls) May 21, 2016 You may recall two nights ago when we brought you the story of Candace Payne and the simple joy she had from the fun of wearing her Chewbacca mask. […]

Senate set for showdown over women in the draft

The Senate is heading for a showdown over women registering for the draft.Supporters of requiring women to sign up for Selective Service see the upper chamber as their last best hope for getting legislation to President Obama’s desk.They’ve turned… More >

Top US commander makes secret visit to Syria

The head of U.S. Central Command made a secret visit to Syria on Saturday to examine Arab and Kurd efforts to defeat ISIS, according to the Associated Press.Army Gen. Joseph Votel spent 11 hours in northern Syria meeting with Syrian Arab and Kurd… More >

McCain presses colleagues on defense spending

Sen. John McCain is making his opening pitch to increase defense spending levels as the Senate turns to debate of an annual policy bill. The Arizona Republican sent a “dear colleague” letter about the “the dangerous mismatch between growing… More >

Open Borders or Tighter Control – Voters Decide

No wonder there’s an angry debate over illegal immigration in this country. Most Democrats believe people should be able to freely enter the United States at any time. Republicans strongly disagree, as do a majority of unaffiliated voters. (Want a free daily e-mail update? If it’s in the news, it’s in our polls). Rasmussen Reports updates […]

Disentangling Attitudes Toward Transgender Bathroom Use

The American public has not formed firm opinions on the issue of policies or laws surrounding transgender individuals’ use of bathroom facilities, and the polling evidence that does exist at this point is mixed. More >

Bill Clinton Alleged Rape Victim Tells Of Lasting Trauma, Claim, ‘There Are More Women Out There’

Hopefully, more will come forward. Via Daily Mail: With Donald Trump making it clear that Bill Clinton’s sexual history will become a central part of his presidential campaign against his wife Hillary, the woman who accused the former president of rape is dishing new details of the effects the alleged sexual attack had on her. […]